I have quite a few DIY projects here that I have already done. Now, rather than saving them for next week I will post them all right now, because truthfully, one on its own isn't really good enough. Plus I have even better ones coming next monday. 

So, let's start with this Earrings I made. 
Absolutely an accident. I was painting a window which I found in my garage to hang up on my wall, when CRACK. I stepped on it. Of course it had been lying on my floor for quite some time and it was due for a breaking. And thus, these earrings happened.
You will need: paint
earring backs
super glue
glass, and somewhere to break the glass.

First you paint your glass whatever color you like. Solid or multi. Doesn't matter. Then drop it or step on it. Wear shoes, watch your eyes. Use common sense. Carefully, you choose pieces that aren't too sharp and that you like the look of. You can do studs or bigger ones. even glue pieces together.
I took these two, and super glued an earring back on each. I filed them down a bit with a nail file just so that they wouldn't cut me while I was wearing them. 
I also took a piece which looked like an arrow and glued a large jewelry ring onto the back of it as to attach a chain and make a necklace. Very simple. Very practical. Very cheap. The only expense was buying the earring backs which was quite some time ago and I think 2.00 for 12?  I am going to make studs now that I think about it. They could be fun. These for example, I wore today with all black outfit and white shoes. Pretty easy to wear, I haven't gotten cut. 

Here is the broken window

Here are just a few bits

Gluing backs on

Backs are now on.

Here is an interesting photo of one side.


On to the next one. I have been seeing a lot of cool hems on leather skirts, so I went out and found a knee length one at the thrift store, knowing I will always use extra leather. I Cut a half circle off of the bottom and used it to make a little pouch, which I may even add a chain to one day. For this you need some sort of leather. If you use a skirt you can make a hem line that it shorter in the front middle and gets a bit longer as it reaches the sides. (what I was doing ) . Or just scrap leather. You will also need a sewing machine or a way to sew. and a zipper. Plus a bit of fabric to line it with.

What do to:

Sew on a soft fabric onto the inside so that it makes a fold near the top. You only need to sew on the part which will be the top of the clutch/pouch thing. If you put the leather on the table, facing one way, take the fabric and face it the other way to make a circle, sew and then iron it down to make a half circle again. I then sewed on pockets to the FABRIC (not the leather unless you want hem lines on the outside yuck) I took other scrap leather to make the pockets. Really simple. After this, you fold it in half and make sew the edges together, inside out. I later added on a black zipper with black thread and it worked out nicely, just sew it again to the fabric and not the leather. I call it the cigarette, lighter, phone, cash bag, because that is aaaaallll I can fit into mine. Make whichever size you like//can with the amount of fabric and leather available. 

Cut your half circle

See, there it is. 

Sew in your fabric, mine was black too.

Sew the pockets onto the fabric

Sew the bag closed while inside out.
Turn rightside in and sew zipper.


Now, it's time for the third of today. It is just a new sort of cut out dress. Squares on the chest just below shoulders. You need a shirt or dress, a needle and thread and scissors. Draw your holes, squares, triangles, get creative. Cut them out and make little slashes in the corners so there is room to fold them over. Sew the edges to look nice and you are DONE! How easy? I used a dress that I made a little while ago and never wore because it's way too big. I sized it up a bit but need a few more adjustments.


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