How to pack for a Summer

René and I are leaving in six days for France. Typically I pack the night before or even the morning of the departure. Instead, I packed today. Since we will be gone for quite a while I had to be savvy. René was easy. His clothes are small that space isn't an issue. I plan on using the extra space to bring anything we buy there back. For me it was slightly more complicated, yet very painless.

1. In this photo I have packed :
three scarves, four necklaces, one bracelet 
One  Bareminerals brush
Benefit highlighter
Lancome mascara
Gucci by Gucci lotion

2. Here I have put a scarf through my rings to assure myself that I will not loose them. Clever little trick.

3. I am bringing only two pairs of shoes. Black air force ones and these white beauties here. Plan to purchase shoes upon arrival. 
I also brought " Mon Journal de Vacances" a little book for René to fill in about his summer in France. 

4. I love these shoes so much that I bubble wrapped them. Would do this for any valuable or fragile items that aren't being carried on the plane itself.

5. I Color coordinate, why? I'm sure to pack plenty of simple skirts, and tank tops as well as two really beautiful dresses. 

  6. Here, I have my "colorful" items. I have a feeling I will add in a few after I finish my wash. 

When traveling for an extended period of time it is important to include your nice clothing, but it's JUST as important to pack your lazy day clothes, swim suits, tennis shoes and workout gear. I don't pack soaps, toothbrushes or parfumes typically because I just buy it there and use it all before I come back. Saves a lot of suitcase space for me. Bon Voyage on all of your summer vacations. I will have some posts prepared so that all I have to do is click a button for you guys. Look forward to a very natural DIY. 


What Have I been up to?

This past month has really just been dedicated to garden and playing outside with my boy. I managed to  make this dress a few weeks ago and it worked pretty well, huh? It fits me almost perfectly despite not using measurements. I love this dress. It's lightweight, flowy and long. Perfect. 

Got these as a hand-me-down a few months ago...they just sit on my shoe shelf. Still thinking of what to do with them. This could go terribly wrong...



A good friend of mine is trying to come to France to study and do an internship for this summer. He has

worked very hard for it all year long to save up, yet he has unexpected expenses for his flat...stupid 

landlord..... Anyhow- Here is his fundme website in which he is asking for donations to help him get 

there. he has just put it up and would appreciate five cents. So if you have it, this is a real life cause that 

will get real life results. Everybody wants to follow their dreams...think of your dream...who helped you 

get to it? It would be so kind and thoughtful for anyone to donate anything they can.  I would typically 

not support something like this, however, this is a dear friend who I really want to see succeed. Here is a 

bit about him.

His name is Charles. His origin is Senegal and he speaks French Beautifully.  He had my mother-in-law as a French teacher during highschool.  In addition he speaks English, German and Arabic. He attends Cleveland State currently and holds a full time job. Charles loves animals very much, especially cats and dogs. He is one of the most clever people I have met yet. He is great fun. Makes everyone around him laugh and be happy. Charles loves writing and has landed an Internship at a newspaper in France just thirty minutes commute from Paris. Charles is loving and kind to all. Please show some compassion and help him out, even if it is just five cents.

as always I will follow anyone who follows me and tells me through a comment or message. I apreciate all comments and this one in particular!! 


Lifestyle DIY's

Now that a real spring//summer is here- most of my time is taken up with yardwork and gardening, hosting and playing. Yet I always document things that I find worthwhile. Here are a few life DIYs.

1. Turned an old curtain  a 50 year old curtain into a peplum skirt completely by accident. All I did was try to gather the part where you stick through a pole to be a frilly type skirt but it flopped over top of the skirt and voila. a peplum. I sew elastic to the top after and it looks great, aside from some basic tailoring that it needs.

2 and 3. Feeling out doorsy, butch or maybe need a gift for a semifeminine man... take a strip of leather and dress it up.

4 and 5. The perfect "festival top" because as the weather gets warmer there is an increasing need to be outside, to be stone and to have live music. cut off the shirt at the bottom of the bust. Use the fabric to cut "string" . You need a lot of it, probably two other shirts worth. Then use any size crochet hook to poke holes all along the bottom of your shirt and one single crochet into it. chain 6 or so and single crochet into the next hole. continue around. from there on you can single crochet into one of the chains, keeping it aligned with the hole on the shirt. Increase your chain every time you start a new row. If fabric rips, tie it back up and keep going. Its a lot more simple than I am making it sound. Just google single crochet and chain- really VERY easy. anyone can crochet. 
This gives off a semi see through bottom. Lets lots of air in for hot days. Too bad I took a bad photo of it.

5 and 6. Take some fabric and literally sew it to the bottom of a shirt. Adjust where you want shirt and skirt to meet by cutting the shirt at desired place. Now you have a dress.

7. Pesto/butter/garlic escargot. Put in oven for ten minutes at 400F. 
I buy at fresh market for an inexpensive price.

8. Honey tangerine/orange juice with basil leaf. The basil compliments it so well. I also suggest peach and basil together. An inseparable combo every since I discovered it.

9. Now that you are all pampered. Go buy a ton of little balls for your kids. They can be found all over especially in the spring and summer. Fill it with an inexpensive mini pool. Your child will have the time of their life in this place. 


No brain- DIYs

Here are three little snap shots of some no brain-er DIYs.
  Nothing to do with mothers day.. I am refusing this holiday.   
Just a small bit of what I have been up to lately, other than my increasingly busy life.

This, above is a simple headband. I lucked out and used this bit of fabric from a tie in a skirt. Otherwise take a wider piece fold it in half, sew it and then turn it inside out. Sew on elastic. (Measure to fit your head.)

Bleach your pants.

This ring is so easy that it was a complete accident. No, not the flower...that would be amazing to make. This is the penis ring. Just bend copper wire....really simple. If your into it being easy.


It's Okay to be Obsessed: Illustrations

Yes,  I am inspired by runway...however not completely.... my inspiration board is made up of all sorts of things like drawings, weather, feelings, and fashions.

Today- I am really enjoying drawings by Andreas Preis 


Fringed Shorts DIY

Keeping it simple today.

1.  Pin and Sew enough fabric to go all around the leg- to the shorts. I chose this beige...but I think it looks better when the fabric is similar in color. Leather fringe is best...but I'm cheap and this was my first try.

2. Scissors- cut up and down to make fringe.

3. Try them on and cut to desired length.

4. Optional.... Iron.