No brain- DIYs

Here are three little snap shots of some no brain-er DIYs.
  Nothing to do with mothers day.. I am refusing this holiday.   
Just a small bit of what I have been up to lately, other than my increasingly busy life.

This, above is a simple headband. I lucked out and used this bit of fabric from a tie in a skirt. Otherwise take a wider piece fold it in half, sew it and then turn it inside out. Sew on elastic. (Measure to fit your head.)

Bleach your pants.

This ring is so easy that it was a complete accident. No, not the flower...that would be amazing to make. This is the penis ring. Just bend copper wire....really simple. If your into it being easy.


  1. That "penis" ring is really too great, hahaha!

    xx Raez

  2. That headband is super easy. I wonder if it would stay in place during working out, do you know?

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  5. Nice blue nail polish on your finger...
    And nice flower ring...

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