How to pack for a Summer

René and I are leaving in six days for France. Typically I pack the night before or even the morning of the departure. Instead, I packed today. Since we will be gone for quite a while I had to be savvy. René was easy. His clothes are small that space isn't an issue. I plan on using the extra space to bring anything we buy there back. For me it was slightly more complicated, yet very painless.

1. In this photo I have packed :
three scarves, four necklaces, one bracelet 
One  Bareminerals brush
Benefit highlighter
Lancome mascara
Gucci by Gucci lotion

2. Here I have put a scarf through my rings to assure myself that I will not loose them. Clever little trick.

3. I am bringing only two pairs of shoes. Black air force ones and these white beauties here. Plan to purchase shoes upon arrival. 
I also brought " Mon Journal de Vacances" a little book for René to fill in about his summer in France. 

4. I love these shoes so much that I bubble wrapped them. Would do this for any valuable or fragile items that aren't being carried on the plane itself.

5. I Color coordinate, why? I'm sure to pack plenty of simple skirts, and tank tops as well as two really beautiful dresses. 

  6. Here, I have my "colorful" items. I have a feeling I will add in a few after I finish my wash. 

When traveling for an extended period of time it is important to include your nice clothing, but it's JUST as important to pack your lazy day clothes, swim suits, tennis shoes and workout gear. I don't pack soaps, toothbrushes or parfumes typically because I just buy it there and use it all before I come back. Saves a lot of suitcase space for me. Bon Voyage on all of your summer vacations. I will have some posts prepared so that all I have to do is click a button for you guys. Look forward to a very natural DIY. 


  1. can't wait to see you all wear it!
    and wish your friend good luck with his study!
    Will donate some money as soon as I get my paycheck!




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  3. ya rock! Shall we follow? let me know xse

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