A good friend of mine is trying to come to France to study and do an internship for this summer. He has

worked very hard for it all year long to save up, yet he has unexpected expenses for his flat...stupid 

landlord..... Anyhow- Here is his fundme website in which he is asking for donations to help him get 

there. he has just put it up and would appreciate five cents. So if you have it, this is a real life cause that 

will get real life results. Everybody wants to follow their dreams...think of your dream...who helped you 

get to it? It would be so kind and thoughtful for anyone to donate anything they can.  I would typically 

not support something like this, however, this is a dear friend who I really want to see succeed. Here is a 

bit about him.

His name is Charles. His origin is Senegal and he speaks French Beautifully.  He had my mother-in-law as a French teacher during highschool.  In addition he speaks English, German and Arabic. He attends Cleveland State currently and holds a full time job. Charles loves animals very much, especially cats and dogs. He is one of the most clever people I have met yet. He is great fun. Makes everyone around him laugh and be happy. Charles loves writing and has landed an Internship at a newspaper in France just thirty minutes commute from Paris. Charles is loving and kind to all. Please show some compassion and help him out, even if it is just five cents.

as always I will follow anyone who follows me and tells me through a comment or message. I apreciate all comments and this one in particular!! 


  1. Thanks for visiting the blog and your very sweet words. Nice to discover your blog as well, it's lovely. :)

    ~Natasha Fatah~
    ~Natasha Fatah~

  2. aw what a sweet cause!


  3. This is fantastic of you to put online. Hopefully somebody will feel generous but these are tough times.


  4. hope he'll find a solution...





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