It's MONDAY....another monday

It's monday! I do know this for certain. Here is  your DIY for the week. Let me start- I HATE peplums and I will never be caught dead in one, but they are "IN" for spring and thought they would be a relevant DIY. Here we go

I tried this three times with different methods each time. The first method was to cut pc.s like this, 

1.Place B and C on top of pc. A. Literally as they are photographed here, slide them up just like that. 

2.Now sew the sides together. This will be considered the inside.

3.Take D and E and place a button or hooks ( I found this cool hardware: ) 

4.And sew to appropriate side of B and C. It will be the curved side just make sure you don't sew this part onto the inside of the peplum. 


I'll post a photo of it in a bit. This one was made out of a yoga mat and it looks futuristic. It's also really stiff and not sure what to do with it haha.

For this one I cut out a curved shape ( the length of my waist) out of the corner of my fabric.

Measured how long I wanted it to be.  

Missed a photo but I also measured out a band for the top, and below I sewed the pc.s together- inside out of course. You want to line up all of the edges so that they meet perfectly.

another shot of how it should look in the machine. leave some of the band extra so that you can tie it or button it.

Thats really it. it looks like this. I made mine a bit too small and didn't quite focus much on the bow which is at front.

Oh yes, I added a button. 


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  3. Love it!!!

  4. finally!! the DIY post for peplums is here! thanks! :) love it!

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    feel free to drop by if you want :) thanks! :)

  5. thanks darling!
    love this diy, could you also do something with jewlery?
    I am lacking some good pieces and would love to make it myself.

  6. Cute! Great blog :)


  7. Lovely diy! Great blog, keep posting!

    Please check out my latest look!

  8. I love it! I'm scared to give it a try myself, but I love the pemplum trend...

  9. i LOOOOVE peplums!!!!! I tried this one at home yesterday and I just wanted to tell you that It worked really well!

  10. wow!!! well done! I wish I was crafty like you... :)


    montes Y mills



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