Holy hell, these days go by so quickly. It's monday. Only last week was it monday also..and next week it'll be monday again. I have a weekend and then all of the sudden, it's monday. You know what that means though- DIY time; this week I had a request for Jewelry.  And I can't just post one thing-can I? No, I can't. Here it comes- this week are three different DIY's. Number one is leather ring. (because I still have a lot of leather scraps) Number two is a chain type headband...you knooow- well you'll know when you see photos of it. And- the third is a zipper necklace.


You will need:
A ring, an old one or a new one.
pc's of scrap leather
super glue or some other strong adhesive.

That's the ring right there.

Cut out your leather and arrange it how you'd like.

glue it on carefully. I took the two larger pc's and glued them at the same time, and held my finger there until it is secure. I took the top diamond pc and glued it on also.

This photo has two rings, the one from above and another one I made by literally wrapping  a pc. around and gluing it at the right spot. So easy- too easy not to try. 


A zipper necklace. I saw on the blog My Dutch Fashion Style.
* note- use a metal zipper for an actually cool look. My DIY is just showing how to make it, once you have that zipper.

You will need: Zipper. Needle. Thread. Scissors. 


                         Here is the top of the zipper. Fold this part backwards and sew it down. Both sides of course.

            This is the bottom of the zipper- you're going to fold this inside out and sew it- so it makes a loop for around the neck.

Here it is.
I like how its worn here at My Dutch Fashion Style because it is metal and the side fabric is trimmed off.

If I planned on wearing it, I would trim the sides of the zipper and have it in a silver or gold color.


The head bracelet haha.

You need chain, the tool use to open and close the littttle jewelry rings.

Measure around your head and then down the middle of the top so you have the right length chains. Make one big circle for around your head- in the middle of the front and of the back attach the second chain- it will lay on the top of your head and look fucking awesome. 
You can be a bit more daring(?) and add a little piece to it, more chains or a more complicated style.

when you lay it down it should look something like this.
on your head it will look AMAZING.


  1. So pretty!

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  2. chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it! <3
    your blog is so inspirational. :D

  3. Those rings are adorable <3

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  5. Thanks sweetie, I just followed you back!:)

  6. I love your blog!!

  7. ring looks so great!
    and the idea for zipper necklace is great, I think I'll make one too :)

  8. I made these all and were awesome

  9. wow this is amazing!
    loving the ring :)

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  11. Love the ring!

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  12. aaahw! so sweet that you made this DIY! really like it!
    sorry for seeing this so late but I was really bussy with school these days:(
    I'm going to try it out myself and see if I can make it myself haha.



  13. Amazing ring and necklace.
    I like it.

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  14. Oh wow! You're really creative. I'm gonna try that zipper necklace. Super cool.


  15. the ring looks very nice!

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