Yes. I'm late again. How about from now on you just expect a weekly DIY...it will be somewhere...anywhere during the week. It's like Grease. Take the pressure and throw it away. Conventionality belongs to yesterday...or sometime last week. So here are two little DIY ideas, and one step by step. First:

Don't go out and buy a pin cozy. Cut the end off of a sock, roll it up and slip it around your wrist. It also stands independently if you would rather not risk poking yourself while sewing. 

Second, Do you have a t shirt? Do you have an old dress you don't like...a cool sheet..or new fabric? Simply sew it around the bottom of the shirt to make a dress. Get shnazzy and change it to empire waist or alter the bottom for a textured look. My fabric is sheer. Not sure what to do with it quite yet.

Third. I have heard the you can in fact use acrylic paint on clothes. For me, it worked. You need a shirt, a book to keep the color from bleeding to the other side and to keep a flat surface. You also need any acrylic paint- I used some really cheep shit. Get a paintbrush and a pencil, too.

Sketch what you want, and then paint it in.

Shit, try not to smudge. I was altering a pencil line and was holding the paint brush in the same hand, it smudged =(. 

Let it dry. Wear it. It isn't horribly itchy either. It washes and stays in place. I got this idea from some photo I saw, which like Usual I can't find or remember the link.

As always, If you try something, send a photo =) If you follow me and let me know, I will gladly follow you back. 


  1. i lovee the DIY
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  2. Oooh, I absolutely adore the shirt DIY - I need to try this as I do have acrylic paint at the moment. In reply to your comment (I know you didn't ask anything, but I'm weird like that; answering questions that haven't been asked), I'm a small-time DIYer. I dabble in the really easy-peasy stuff like collars and whatnot. I do wish I could just whip up a dress out of unused fabric ahah. Oh keep dreaming.

    Love your blog, by the way.

    xx Joana

  3. Love the DIY, I want to do a Chanel t shirt but I just don't know where to get paint from!


  4. This is crazy. You are crazy.

  5. Cute!!!


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  7. I like your post so much! This DIY is really gorgeous!
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  9. Great tips, love the sock one, it's so handy!! :)


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