I suppose I am going to start this thing. I've been meaning to for some time now and just haven't gotten around to it. A Warning: I am not a literary genius nor am I a fashion know-it-all. I am just A girl of 19 who is confused and finds comfort in writing what I'm thinking about as well as projects to keep my hands busy. 

Some things I currently love on the internet are : Sass & Bide because of this one little neon bag they have made and I am MADLY in for it. ( In fact I foresee a DIY in the near future) .I quite like pottery- and likewise, jewelry made of clay. Cat eye sunglasses, Free People ,  Nice Coifs and hair, though I do not put much time into my own, and wet looking or leather pants.  While I am currently indifferent about floral pants, clear clutches ( perspex or something ) and orange blouses. 

All of things brings me to finding some sort of purpose of this blog. I don't want to write about sex and the city. I don't want to write about gorgeous couture gowns that I could never fit into or afford. I want to write about whats happening up here in my head and especially things that are easy to make at home, with rational supply lists and time frames. 

Now for the first DIY: a simple-fucking bandeau. I find them nice to wear under lace or something light in the summer or spring, or even on that fantasy vacation. But I wear mine also with strapless dresses because I still need a bra. 

SImple enough? You can buy one for fifteen dollars at the above link, or make one out of old leggings, a t-shirt or stretch fabric you have lying around. And it is fucking simple to do it.Here's how: 

You will need:
 a small bit of elastic.
some sort of fabric wide enough to cover your breasts twice, and long enough to go around you once. give an extra inch if the fabric doesn't stretch
and last, a sewing machine or even a needle and thread. with the machine it takes ten minutes, by hand, longer. 

To start, (after taking neccesary measurements)
fold the fabric in half like so: 

Sew it. Now, it doesnt matter how perfect it looks as long as there is a semi-straight line.
Turn it inside out.

now is time to take the small bit of elastic, you don't want it too thick, and place it in the middle of the fabric, and sew down the middle. 

                                       Sew it together at the back ( right sides facing together )

That's it. You have a finished bandeau. Now all you need is some warm weather, a lace top and some jean shorts, then you can call it a day.

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