When I saw the Sass and Bide neon bag here, I immediately went to make one of my own. It turned out terribly. ( I will put up a photo one day ). But, It got me egg crazy. I saw this photo of Kourtney Kardashian - don't ask- and wondered what the hell this egg is next to her. Later on I find out it is actually a Judith Lieber clutch.....5,000 big ones. I would add a chain to it, like the one on the Sass and Bide bag and be in heaven. A very expensive heaven. I swear the best things are either dirt cheap or so expensive that I feel like I'm swallowing dirt buying it.

It reminds me of the egg from harry potter. Which would also be a great clutch.

On a slighty less odd note; Ralph Lauren Fall 2012 runway was sad. In fact I was dissapointed. I like to be entertained. I like couture and I like to be excited about garments. This was just flat. They put this black dress on a RUNWAY? Bitch! Anyone could wear this dress anywhere, and when has that ever been the basis for a Ralph Lauren collection REALLY? The dresses behind it are classic and edgy at the same time. Like the late Whitney Houston said "It's not right but it's ok".

Check by tomorrow for a new DIY and maybe even a mini one which consists of earrings I made out of accidentally broken glass. Totally easy and do-able. functional, wearable etc. 

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