Today was one of those "acceptably" cold days. The ones where you find it good to go outside, but end up freezing your ass off because you underdressed. Wishfully thinking for spring. Here is a shot I took accidentally of myself, and it turns out to be the only good one of me. Yes, I do have a bobby pin in my mouth. so?

Today I took some time to take photographs of some things that I have made in the past few years. Myself and Sister as models. Here I am featured in this weird white tank-top with bra-hook type straps and a black back.Clearly, some people aren't meant to be photographed. (moi) The tights are from god knows where. I did synchronized swimming in high-school and we wore them in one of our performances. It was one of the most fun times of my life. I was also extremely in shape. While I am in the progress of getting back in shape, I am nowhere near where I was! Feel free to keep track of my progress, because I sure as hell am NOT. By the way, the black sports bra is not part of this shirt, I just happened to be wearing it.

 la la la

Ah, and now the good stuff! My lovely sister, Allisa. In the top photograph she is wearing this fun blue skirt I made about two years ago. You can tell I just started sewing, but it's still absolutely lovely. Stretchy and easy to put into an outfit. Simple white t shirt anyone? Those are my fav. outfits. a white or black top and fun bottoms. The second and third photos are of a dress I made from an old skirt I had. Quite comfy but a bit see through. I don't mind anyone seeing my undas- do you?

Now the REAL best part. MY SHOES! Love them so much, but where did I get them? I can't place it ...hmmmmm
Well, If you would like to purchase any of those items. ( I will occasionally post more, and perhaps even make a shop) Just shoot me a message. They're cheap as long as you pay shipping. Shoot me a message, shoot me a price, just don't shoot ME.Happy trails everyone, until tomorrow!


  1. The pieces look cute. Congrats for the new blog!

  2. your blog is a delight so far :) I am looking forward to more posts



  3. thank you so much honey :*
    you look fantastic in blue skirt:)
    I am your new follower now-will you follow back?


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