Two Part

This is a three part post. 

Part one:

I just wanted to share this photo of my two year old son and I. Chocolate face and all. Sharing the peace with the world. I am going to teach him to love and be respectful. 

Part two: 

I love Susie Bubble. She has a unique style that is a little street and a little runway. I think that everyone should try to be like she is. What I mean by that is to wear what you feel. Not to literally be just like her. If you feel a little disorganized and spastic, put on some neon and layer it up! If you feel like you are going to accomplish something then wear a blazer and a cute skirt. Or if you just feel like being you- experiment and mix-match! Point is- wear whatever the hell you want! today I have on GIANT pants. I bought them in Sursnes, France two years ago at their weds. market and I wear them all the time. They are my "I do what I want" pants. In a way they make me feel safe. ( also I could hide a midget in them). Photo below.

Photo from her website ( linked above) 

Yes, These ARE my pants. I love em'. 

Hmmm, what was my third part?? I forgot already...Well, I guess I will just say all of this instead. I'm not sure how to post all of this on my page yet,but you can follow me on twitter @ravenamaru
 I don't actually know how to use twitter yet either. So follow me and watch me as I learn how to work this damn thing. Another side note I am listening to  " Un Jeune Homme Chantait" De Edith Piaf.
Love her. My favorite song from her is "Non, Je Ne Regret" I sing it all the time, In my car, In the shower, In the line at the supermarché. All of the above +. I think I can sing like her, but I sound more like Carey Mulligan  in "Shame". Owch. I suggest everyone listen to Edith Piaf, and If you don't mind lots of odd sex scenes, the film Shame.


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  3. Your son is adorable! What a lovely photo xx

  4. welcome to blogger community :)

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  5. Hiya again! Thanks for your comment, the ring was actually £1.50 in the Miss Selfridge sale just a couple of weeks ago so they might still have it! x

  6. Oh my !!! your little kid is amazingly cute!!!

    love K


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