Occasionally I wonder

Occasionally I wonder about what designers think their consumer thinks about what they think about them.
Ya with me?
I'm wondering if when designers make garments, do they say this about their consumer :

" This is who you are"
or do they say this?
"This is who you want to be"

It's all together possible that they think neither, but just as possible that they do think one of those.
I would hope that they make clothes that highlight women in all of their glory. That they are compassionate, but know how to tell the bad things to just fuck off. That all women are different and one garment would look like another if it were on her instead of you. That women make the world go round'. That women work like servants, yet should be treated like queens. that that that this this this. That designers only exist because of the wonder women that inspire them. Cheers to all of the wonder women that you know and that I know. Let's all hope designers appreciate every hair on their scalp and every thought in their heads. 

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