A Quick DIY

Alright, Are you bored with your plain black long sleeved shirt? I am too. Today is not the day to wear that. Today is the day to spice things up. I will wear this in public, will you? 

Take your boring shirt. 
 Find some extra fabric, or cut up a shirt of the same color.
Measure how long the sleeves are and make sure this fabric is a square of the same measurement.
cut it up into fringes.
 Glue it on, or sew it on. Doesn't matter. Sewing is a big difficult simply because you may accidentally sew the sleeve together. Glue is ugly if you aren't careful. Also- I don't know what happens to the glue in the wash. It's an experiment. 
 Anyway, Here it is. Ugly glue and all. I think next time I actually will sew it.
 And there you go.
Fringe sleeves.

I do realize that this may appear a bit strange when you are out and about, but I don't give a fack. I think it looks great, and as long as you wear it with the  right attitude YOU will look great. I hated the way this shirt fit before, and now I will wear it. It cost me 0 monies, so why not.
I am currently listening to Within You Without You by THE BEATLES from "srgnt. peppers lonely hearts club band" album. 

Hope you enjoy this easy one. AND OF COURSE! If anybody see's this and makes it themselves, send me a photo and I will post it! :)  Don't be shy ;) 


  1. Love your DIY! The fringe is awesome!! My blog is about DYing as well!!

    Love the blog btw! I'm following you! If you would be so kind and follow me back? <3

  2. This is soooooo awesome! I have to try it ! xxx


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