Saw this on Stumbleupon// A warning

Of course no other link- it was just a photo. But really cool, none the less. Currently I am hugely inspired by sea-critters. In jewelry that I'm making, in my drawings, in the color and movement of fabrics I am choosing and even in mugs ha ha. So when I saw this my mind went off into this little corner in my brain where I like to imagine myself in different situations. I imagined this to be my kitchen or something. 


To change the tone a bit :

I was looking around on the computer to find sites that I could review products for. Either for more traffic and exposure for my site and some even offer to pay. So when you go to sign up for these sites they ask you tons of questions- and that's ok but when they start to sound like:

1.What is your SOCIAL SECURITY number?
2.What is your CREDIT CARD number?
3.What is your MOTHERS MAIDEN name?
4.What is your DRIVERS LICENSE number?

Basically any questions that you might need to fill out during a tax return- DON'T. Leave this website no matter how good it sounds.Ex out of it. DO NOT fill it out. I don't even enter this information online for my BANK. I do it all in person to be extra safe. If you are reading this and saying "DUH!!!!" good for you- but if you're reading it and saying " Oh, I didn't realize" - well- I'm glad I posted this then.

If you are looking for people to review you, your products or whatever- ask a blogger. Most will do it for free and they would be glad to. You can always ask me to.


  1. Such an amazing wall mural! I adore sea critter images & inspired pieces - so lovely :)

    <3 Shawna

  2. That is such a beautiful mural and that must have been quite scary seeing those questions! xxx

  3. Wow that mural is stunning!


  4. Amazing mural!! Thanks for your comment. I'm following you!!




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