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What have I been up to?

Today at the Potters Co-op I made this little mug with a special surprise below- waiting to eat you as soon as your tea is finished! Pardon the poor photo quality- everyone with a Blackberry Knows that the camera is shit =(.  A few weeks ago I made some fun jewelry which I will post photos of in about a month when they are baked and glazed and ready to wear! Do you like it? It cracks me up. 

Look below for a new mini DIY
but first

Visit This

Another Local Artist to support- who DESERVES to be supported

Spencer Cowan of the Cleveland area is an AMAZING artist. His pieces are occasionally collaborations bringing together different styles and blending them flawlessly together. It's fluidity- style and charm. Plus- they are often pretty funny, and fun to look at. Visit his page, Order some prints- hang them up anywhere. Deff. a conversation piece and having it up at your home only makes you look even  cooler. haahah. Sadly, these photos don't do his pieces half the justice. seriously visit his page if you want to see more of this: 

and now for the DIY of today.....what day is it...THURSDAY! 

A Mini DIY:  

Recently I have gotten an old leather coat as a gift. It was way too big and sort of ugly, and my first thought was to just cut it up and use it to make lots of things from it. I made some rings and bracelets by cutting them into strips and super gluing for the rings - and attaching buttons for cuffs. I also made this bow and put a bobby pin into it to wear it hair, with a blouse around the collar, or even to put onto a belt. Here is how I did it. Super easy. Plus- bows are ALWAYS cute.

You need
A bobby pin

Cut your piece of leather into an oval. Just a little bit bigger than you want the bow. For some reason I made a pretty big one. 

now pinch it in the middle

Cut a strip of leather and wrap it around the center- and glue.
(super glue- hot glue) 

stick in a bobby pin.

Wear it any way you want. For photo purposes I just put it in my hair like this:

You'll probably see this bow from time to time worn from way to way. If you have literally THREE minutes- you have time to make this. 


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  6. this is cute! :)



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