Sted Lee

Yes, You are on the right page. This is a fashion//DIY blog, but it's also a whatever I feel like posting blog, because- well, it's mine. Today I feel like posting about a rapper. Is that what you call them- he is rapping so ya, a rapper. His name is STED LEE. I first thought it was a play on the word studly, but alas it's actually his name. Sted Lee is a Cleveland based artist and a friend of ours. Apparently he likes to get drunk and hey thats just fine with me.  It's nice to see an artist who isn't main-steam (yet) who really takes a lot of time and care into their performances and videos. Who films him? I'm going to ask because I would like them to follow me and make it look like I am being really interesting haha. What I usually like about any music is the sound of the voice, the energy and the story. While his story doesn't play into my REAL life, I can still pretend!! His voice commands attention, and listening to him talk- it's as if he can say anything and it's right. Charisma. On top of this he is a really great guy with energy and he is eager to succeed and make good music that everyone will enjoy. Show him some love.

I don't care if you like rap or not, just click them and enjoy share with your boyfriends or people who you think might like rap.

Check his twitter for updates of where or when to see him.


  1. Hell yes Hell yes

  2. I don't understand a lot of rap, but is a nice blog :D

    Thank you for visiting!!




  3. Hi, i am following you. Please follow back. I can't wait to see your DIY post =)

  4. not the biggest fan, but I enjoyed listening :) thanks


  5. Thanks for sharing, it is nice!:) Kisses!:) xoxo

  6. thanks for the comment dear <3

  7. Hi, thanks for your comment! I am now also having a little giveaway on my blog (20€ worth of Korres products) please come and check it if you'd like!

  8. I am quite a fan of rap, thanks to the incredible Lupe Fiasco!
    I enjoyed this song too, you have great taste in music!
    I am your newest follower!

    -- www.theeasternpearl.blogspot.com

  9. Hi dear ! Thank you for following me, now Im following you back !
    And yes, I love that nail polish from my blog ! Its really good one :)

  10. This guy is good and ii agree vid quality is nice. good luck to him!!!!!!!


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