Those days.

Do you ever have those days where you just don't feel good in anything you wear...you don't feel pretty or smart or whatever the hell it is? Truthfully, it's only internal. Most people DON'T care . Of the hundreds of people who have come to this blog, none care what I look like. That's fine. But it is important to feel good about YOURSELF. So here are a few tips from me and the internets.

1. If you can't find anything cute to wear- put on sweat pants. And if you have to actually GO somewhere- put on black slacks. a T-shirt and a blazer. Heels. A bracelet. you are done. You can't look bad in this.

2. What is your "THING"? Eyes, butt, lips, shape? Play it up. If you have beautiful lips, try a brightly colored lipstick. Eyes- wear something to bring the shape and color out . If it's your booty- wear tighter bottoms with a looser top. Maybe you are a really talented musician or artist, celebrate it. Invite friends over to show them your latest work.

3. What are you actually doing today? If you want self worth- DO SOMETHING. don't be lazy. 

4. Do something nice for somebody else, that you get NOTHING out of except a good feeling.

5. Don't worry about what you look like or what you are doing compared to other people. Make your own standards and meet them.

6. Sttttreeetccchhhh in the morning.

7.Read more. You can learn so much from books.  It will make you feel good to know something new.

8. Accept yourself. This is who you are. What you know. How you look. If you want a change, it's up to you. List to "MAN IN THE MIRROR" ( Michael Jackson) and learn from that song.

9. Try yoga- It keeps stress to a minimum and makes your body and soul feel loved.

10. Be grateful. 

Here I am right now. In undas- no makeup. hair greasy- but feeling beautiful.


  1. Very helpful tips..I often feel that way...Umm :)

  2. can you send some self acceptance my way? beautiful post. and you are beautiful. im just learning to love and accept me in any way i come, so this post in great timing.

  3. Thanks for your message on my blog! I like your tips, very useful for me haha.. I'm following you now. :-) Please follow me too! :-)


  4. so lovely!

    xoxo sweety!


  5. Hey guys, it's me. My page said my blog has been deleted, but here it is. I am confused. If anyone can see this blog message my facebook PLEASE and tell me whats happening when you come to this page.

    (my name is Raven Amaru)

  6. lovely !




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