A tuesday note:

This Bracelet above is a bit scary, right? Fuck it- I'd wear it.

Etro makes these sweet ass detachable peplums, and since I can't commit to a permanent one- I decided to DIY this. I will make one in a leather and one in a chiffon or some sort of flowing fabric.

Before the "stars" even started walking the red carpet- I saw Giuliana Rancic in a ( I think Basil Soda ) Dress while doing the pre-show and it was GORGEOUS. Then she popped out in this little number and while they were naming their predictions for best dressed- I predicted her. I eventually gave up watching Oscars for the All Star game. (nicki minaj was bad....). Later I saw photos of "best dressed" She is still my choice. 

I just saw this on some one's blog ( if this is you , let me know and I'll link ya) But thought I saw a few DIYS in here. Can you spot them?

By the way, Voltaire is one of my favorite Philosophers // Authors. His satire
"Candide" is often read in my home.


  1. I love the hand claw, Giuliana Rancic's dress, and everything about Erin Wasson! Such a great post! I love your blog!


  2. i can't wait for your DIY post on detachable peplums! :0


  3. Thanks for your lovely comment!! GREAT post!!

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  5. Etro indeed is very pretty. We love the collection.


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