ITS MONDAY...again

If my spider sense are in fact correct- today is a Monday. Which means I am going to bring you a DIY. Today I have a mini DIY and a regular DIY. But in reality- they are both rather simple to execute. Last week I used leather, and this week I am going to use it again, because- I just got it and am excited to use it ALRIGHT?!

 The first one is the mini. Do you remember the Emilio De La Morena's recent catwalk looks? I don't , because all I remember were those damn cute bow headbands. Thats what I made. I had an old headband with this floral shit on it, and I ripped it off. It was fucking ugly. What you need - a headband, a bit of leather or firm fabric. and super glue. ( super glue is my best friend). 

Cut an oval out of your fabric just like I did in that one leather bow DIY.  

Pinch the middle

Wrap a pc. of leather (or fabric) around the center.

Now cut the rounded ends of the bow into sharper ones.

Glue onto headband at the right angle so that the headband looks like it's supposed to.

There ya go!

oh, but wear it on your head.

Part two: the second part.

I have seen a lot of people wearing leather pockets on jersey skirts, and I thought- "Why not?". Here we go.

You need- Leather, a skirt ( or make one up really quickly) and something to sew with. I used an old HNM skirt that has an ill fit and is so boring. 

Cut the pocket shapes out of your leather.

Sew the top of it so it looks neat

Fold the edges under and pin. begin to sew the pocket onto the skirt, being cautious not to sew the front and back of the skirt to it's self. 

Do this to both sides or just one if you like. It will look like this, unless you want bigger pockets. So size according to your personal taste and needs.

You can wear this skirt with a colored tank or even My DIY fringle sleeve shirt
If you try any of my DIY's- send me a photo of it and I will gladly post it!

To make a skirt from scratch, get two pc. fabric- the length and width of your body and how short//long you want it. sew the two sides together with the outside part facing inward. (essentially you sew inside out) Take the top and bottom of the skirt, and fold it up (inside out again). pin it. sew it. then sew the other side together. Fold it right side in, and you have a regular skirt. A simple one but they work often. If fabric is stretch, try making it skin tight that always looks good. Add pleats or elastic at top if desired.


  1. so simple! yet so effective!


  2. oh how cute! i love that pocket diy! and i'm always trying to find a place for my lens cap too!! i will have to give this one a try!!

  3. I always end up misplacing my lens cap! this is an ingenious solution! thanks for sharing it with us :)

    btw, i followed you already :)


  4. lovely headband!


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  6. Really? never thought of that color!
    I will give it a try haha.



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